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What is Business Auto Insurance?
Insurance for automobiles, trucks and vans used for business purposes falls under Business Auto Insurance. If you own a business and use personal vehicles for business purposes, you should consider a Business Auto Insurance policy. Many personal auto insurance policies exclude coverage if a vehicle is used mainly for business. Business Auto Insurance is sometimes called Commercial Auto Insurance.

Will my employees' personal autos be covered under a Business Auto Insurance Policy if they are using their autos for business?
Most Business Auto Insurance policies cover the liability for your business for employees using their own autos for business. However, the employees' personal auto policy would be the primary coverage for damage to their automobile.

When should I drop the comprehensive and collision coverage on my old autos?
If you have an outstanding loan on your auto, most lenders require comprehensive and collision coverage. If you or your business owns the vehicles outright, then the decision should be based upon your financial reserves and the value of the auto. Is the value of the auto close to the premium paid for comprehensive and collision? Do you have liquid funds that could be used to replace the vehicle if destroyed or stolen? Can you buy another vehicle of this type? There are many factors to consider.

Does my Commercial Auto policy provide coverage if I rent a vehicle?
No; coverage typically applies only to the vehicle specified in your policy. When renting a vehicle, you should purchase Hired Auto Liability and Physical Damage coverage separately.

Is my trailer automatically covered under my Commercial Auto policy?
Only if its gross vehicle weight (GVW) is less than 2000 lbs. If the GVW exceeds this limit, you must specifically schedule your trailer on your Auto policy.

Can other people drive my business vehicle?
Yes; others may drive your vehicle with your permission. They should, however, be listed on your policy if they're regular drivers of the vehicle.

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Business Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
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