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Health insurance may be obtained through two basic plan types: group and individual. The difference between the two types has little to do with coverage. In fact, a group plan and an individual plan may provide identical coverage. The difference is the way you access the two types. You may obtain a group plan through an employer or association. An individual plan is offered by an insurance company independent of any affiliation.

Group plans cover several people or groups under one policy.You will receive a certificate that acts as your policy when you obtain insurance through a group plan.

Most group policies suit the average person and may include provisions to cover family members. Employers of one to 50 employees may offer “guaranteed-issue” group plans known as Small Group Health Access Coverage.This coverage makes health insurance plans available to small business employers regardless of the health claims experience of an employee group or health status of an employee. In many situations where a medical condition is a factor, this may be one of the only ways for an individual to qualify for health insurance.

A well-designed universal life plan can do the following:

In Florida, group insurance is available to three different size groups:

Group insurance policies are issued on what is
called a "guaranteed issue" basis, which means
that the carrier must accept the policy holder for
coverage. However, depending on the size of the
group involved, group policies are either subject to
medical underwriting or the group is evaluated for
the group's claims experience, and premiums may
be adjusted to reflect the experience of the group.

Group insurance is generally more expensive than
individual insurance, but individuals who might have
been excluded from individual health insurance
coverage can not be excluded from group health
insurance coverage.

Florida offers an "open enrollment" period for single
employee groups during the month of August, and
coverage is available effective October 1. Carriers
do not generally announce policy offerings until the
August open enrollment period.

Small group policies are offered to employers of between 2 and 50 employees. Carriers normally require employers to pay a portion of the premium, and requirements differ by carrier and size of the group.

"Non-discrimination" rules apply to all size employee groups. This means that all similarly situated employees must be offered the opportunity to participate in the plan.  For example, if coverage is offered to full-time employees, it must be offered to all full-time employees and not just certain employees.

Groups of 10 or more employees are eligible for "composite rating," which means that the premium costs are determined based on average ages of the participating population.  Composite rating is not available to groups of under 10 employees.

All Your Needs Insurance will listen to your concerns, assess your needs, explain options, and help you get the right coverage for your financial insurance needs. Keep in mind that the insurance marketplace is dynamic. Because circumstances, coverage's available, and regulations change from time to time, we suggest that you ask our All Your Needs Insurance financial insurance staff to evaluate your coverage periodically — a service that demonstrates our commitment to provide valuable insurance guidance.

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