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What is the difference between primary and secondary coverage's?
Primary health coverage is the first plan for payments to be made. Secondary health coverage usually covers what the primary health coverage could not. Because many people have available health insurance through more than one plan, particularly employed couples who are covered under group health insurance plans, your primary coverage will usually come from your employer or whatever plan you've had the longest. Secondary coverage applies to those who are listed
as a dependent under another persons health plan.

Is there an advantage to having group health insurance plan over an individual insurance plan?
Group health insurance generally has some built-in advantages over individual health insurance, while many of the coverage's are similar. As with anything, buying in bulk normally leads to price reductions or additional benefits. Group health insurance is no exception, as group plans result in reduced acquisition costs for insurers and normally better overall coverage for the "group".  

What are some of the different types of group health insurance plans?
There are many different kinds of group health insurance plans available for both small and large business. Some of the coverage's available include:

What types of insurance do employers usually offer?
Many Employers offer health insurance to compliment an employees annual income or hourly wage. Just as individual insurance plans can vary, so can group health plans. 

Typically, those employed should expect protection in the event of a catastrophic loss through accidents or illnesses.  Some bigger corporations even offer varying health programs for an employee to choose.

What is an insurance premium and what dictates total cost?
nsurance premiums represent the amount charged by insurance companies for active account coverage. Premiums can vary for every insurance company depending on past and present health, location, and many other factors. Normally an insurance agent or broker will factor in all the variables and let a prospect know a specific premium will cost.   

Group plans typically cost less because it is assumed a certain percentage of people will be in good health. For individual insurance, it is assumed someone is applying because they have increased health risks, thus driving the overall cost.

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Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
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