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Personal umbrella insurance (commonly referred to as an umbrella policy) provides you with additional liability insurance above and beyond your normal auto and homeowners policies. Umbrella insurance is designed to protect your assets if you’re ever faced with a claim or lawsuit that exceeds the limits of these policies.Do you have enough liability coverage to protect your assets if a large claim or lawsuit is brought against you? Not sure? Answer these questions to see: If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be at risk and should consider umbrella insurance.

For example, if a visitor to your home slips and falls causing a disabling injury, you could be liable for damages beyond the coverage on your home policy. Without an Umbrella policy, you would be personally responsible for claims exceeding your home coverage limits.

Finding great personal umbrella insurance rates has never been easier. Like home insurance, personal umbrella insurance is critical in protecting your investment and finances. At All Your Needs Insurance you can get cheap personal umbrella insurance quotes from trusted personal umbrella insurance companies. Isn’t it time to re-evaluate your personal umbrella insurance? See what All Your Needs Insurance can offer

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

A personal articles floater is a separate rider or endorsement that can be added to your homeowners policy for personal items that have a higher value than the limits imposed in your homeowners policy. There are typically nine classes of personal property on the declarations page of the floater that apply to this insurance, and the limit of liability and premium are quoted next to each class. Each class should be fully described on a schedule of covered items with a value attested to by an expert appraiser and submission of a photo, if possible.

Your personal umbrella insurance gives you liability coverage:

n today's litigious environment, lawsuits can run into the hundreds of thousands of
dollars or more if you or those living in your home or operating machinery or vehicles
you own are determined to have been negligent. Your automobile and homeowner
insurance policies will typically cover you up to the first $300,000 of a covered claim.
To cover your risk up to $1 million or more, you can usually purchase a personal
umbrella policy from the insurance company that insures your home and/or car.
So learn about what type of coverage suits your needs.

Free Low Quotes and Trusted Online Resources

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insurance quote.

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